Decentralized, secure

using [matrix]


The problem with apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram is that everyone must be using the same application as the person they want to chat with and everyone needs to connect to the same central server. If that server goes offline, or blocks you for some reason, you can no longer connect to chat.

Secure Communication

Using a [matrix] server means you own your data. No one is mining for information and now one is selling it. There is also end-to-end encryption, so not even the server can see what you are talking about, providing true privacy.

Get Started

This server ( can only be used based on invitation. If you would like your matrix account hosted here please send a request.

Once you get a response with your Matrix ID and password come back to this section and open the web page below to login and start chatting:

For more detailed information keep reading this page.


What is [matrix]?

You know how people have emails with different providers and each person can use their own email application and still they can email each other? So gmail accounts can email yahoo accounts, no problem?

[matrix] is like that, but for instant communication like chat, voice and video calls.

[matrix] is a way for people to communicate without using a central server, or even the same application. It also enables secure communication with End-to-End encryption.

What is a Matrix ID?

Think of it like an “email address” but for Matrix. It looks like this:

Just as with email, the “ilie” part is the user and the “” part is the server where you will find that user.

This format is used because it is similar to the email format, but it is also different enough to not be confused with an email address.

What is Element?

Element is the app that I recommend you use to connect to a Matrix Server like this one (

However there other apps available (called "clients") if you would like to try them out, so you are not stuck with just this one.